What to do when Installed Updates are not Showing

The control panel of your computer is always the go to place when it comes to checking installed updates and assessing which version you have working in your system. When you go to the control panel and you go to the ‘manage updates’ tab, you will be brought to a page where all of your downloaded updates are posted. As you click or hover to each one of these updates, more details will be shown like the date of download and the usage frequency.

Unfortunately, many computer users have noticed that some of their recent downloaded updates are not appearing on the populated list in the control panel even if they have already refreshed the page or restarted the computer several times. This should not be a reason to worry since not all updates that are downloaded and installed in the computer will be reflected in this page.

An example of updates that do not show up on the list of downloaded and installed updates in your computer is the driver update. Any type of driver update will never be listed in this page. As long as you were notified after the download that the update was successfully installed, then you do not have to worry about those anymore.

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