Troubleshooting Installed Updates

All of the installed updates in your computer are necessary for the system to function well and for the database to be updated according to the standards around the world. But there will be instances wherein some installed patches of updates may not be downloaded correctly or the file was downloaded in an error which could lead to the update to not work properly. In this case, troubleshooting of the update would have to be performed.

If you have recently downloaded a new patch and your computer has been showing problems after the download and installation was made, then you need to go to the downloads and updates page to delete the latest patch and revert back to the most recent update before the faulty one. This can be found at the control panel. Once in the control panel, you can go to the page where you can manage updates. This link is usually found at the bottom of the control panel box.

You will know which update is the latest through its knowledge base number. You need to check the KB numbers of the recent updates released by the software and you should only delete the update that was released the latest. After deleting the patch, the system will automatically revert back to the update that was installed before the newest one was downloaded.

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