Removing Updates from your Computer

If you want to delete certain updates from your system, then you can do this by clicking on the ‘Installed Updates’ link in the control panel.

• Once you get to that page, you will be given a list of all the updates that you have previously allowed to be installed in your computer.

• Choose the update or updates that you want to remove and click ‘uninstall’.

The computer will ask you if you really want to remove the updates.

If you are sure, then you just have to click yes and the updates will be deleted.

Are you having trouble and hard time interpreting what your laptop or desktop computer requires you to perform and ending up getting lost due to the unfamiliar terminologies used to instruct you? This case really sucks especially if all you want to happen is for you to be able to check the installed updates. If you are one of those people who make use of the computer only for playing online/offline games or social networking and do not mind other More...
Are you having trouble deciphering what your computer asks you to do and finding yourself getting lost with all the unfamiliar cyber terminologies that they use when the only thing that you want to know is to check on the installed updates on your computer? If you’re one of those people who use the computer for the sole purpose of social networking or playing online games and don’t give a crap of your computer’s other features then it could really More...
Every now and then, your computer will remind you that an upgrade is available or it will tell you that your system is already up to date because it automatically downloaded the most recent version available. But what are really these updates for? There are different types of updates and they have specific functions once they are installed in the system of your processing unit. But in general, the main function of these installed updates is to upgrade the operating More...
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