Managing Updates Installed in your Computer

Many programmers all over the world are employed by different companies to develop different programs that can help people to do their work better than humans can. This is why computer technology is essential in different businesses and without the programs and the software of the computer, the hardware will be totally useless. As technology is evolving, the needs of the people are also changing and this is the reason why these programmers also generate new updates for programs and software that have been previously installed in your computer.

Once the installed updates are working, the program will run under its new update and there will be a lot of new features added or minor bug fixes can be done as well. Each new update contains new program changes that the company wants to change in their initially released software or program. It is important to note that the updates are usually downloaded and installed with a stable connection to the internet.

There are certain methods on how you can check the different updates that were installed in your computer. All of the installed updates can usually be found in one page where you can access different types of information related to the update as well. In terms of managing the updates, there will be certain times wherein the new update does not really benefit the user so they may revert back to previous program versions through these managing techniques.

• If you are trying to determine the software updates of your computer including the past versions that are saved in your system, then you can open the update history page through the control panel. In this page, you will see a list that is populated entirely of all the updates that were installed in your computer.

• The list will indicate the name of the update, what it is for, the status of the update whether it is successful or not, and the date that the update was installed into your computer. There will also be a column where you can see if the update was necessary or not. Optional updates are those that you can opt out but important updates are those that contain essential new features for the basic functioning of the program.

• For those people who really want to find out additional details about certain updates, they can simply click the installed updates that they would want to look into, right click and choose ‘view details’. This will actually give them more information aside from the basic ones found on the columns on the main page.

• These updates can also be sorted according to the size, date it was installed from newest to oldest, according to status and according to importance.

• If you have turned on your computer’s setting of installing available updates automatically, you can toggle this through the control panel as well. Because there are those people who actually want to choose which updates to install and which ones to hide. You can hide updates for the mean time and you can install them at a later time.

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