Management of Installed Updates

When the settings in the computer is set to allowing updates to be automatically downloaded and installed in the system as soon as they are available, computer users may really not have an idea on what versions of updates are already present in their software and programs.

This is the reason why some people choose to manage the installed updates that are found in their computers. Managing the updates in the system is not really a compulsory process but it would definitely help to see the list of the updates that have been downloaded, the details of the update and the importance of the update as well.

Looking for the page where users can manage the updates that have already been installed is really easy. From the control panel, you can simply look for the ‘Update History’ page and click on the link. The link will lead you to the page where you will find any pending or successful updates.

The names of the updates can be read together with the date when they were downloaded and installed. You can also expand each of the selections so that further details about the update can be read. To view the updates according to your preference, the list can be sorted out according to the order they were installed, the size of the update and the necessity as well.

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