Installed Updates for Extensions

If you take note of your web browsers, the basic items on the top of the screen are the menu bars and the task bar. These are important components of the web browser and these are also very common among the most popular browsers that are available today. But in addition to these basic buttons found within the menus, there could also be extensions that are installed and enabled in these browsers.

Extensions are small programs that enable the user to conveniently navigate through different websites with the use of small icons that can link to that specific page. Aside from that, these extensions will also allow users to perform quick actions such as download, log-in, log-out, and more depending on the type of program that uses the extension. Since these are programs developed by different companies, they will have to be updated regularly and this would mean that users with the extensions will be prompted if an update is available.

When extension installed updates are already working, they won’t be automatically allowed to be accessed by the browser. Instead, the browser will ask permission from the user first if the new updated extension will be re-enabled into the browser. This process will be the same during future updates that will be installed for the purpose of upgrading the extensions.

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