Install Windows Updates Manually

In whatever case it may be, updates are always necessary to improve the performance of the previous version. In terms of Microsoft’s windows, downloading and installing of updates are always suggested by the software developers. There are actually many benefits on installing updates to Windows that is why users should make sure that the software and programs are up to date. First, updates can definitely increase the performance of the computer. Windows updates can also make sure that the computer virus database is updated of recent and new files that may harm your computer.

Some updates are also designed to allow your system to be compatible with new devices. Aside from that, there are also minor glitches and errors within the system software that are being repaired. There are two ways on how to make sure that the software is updated. You can turn on Windows update wizard to download and update automatically or you can also install Windows updates manually.

When you buy a Windows and install it in your computer, the default setting will be automatic downloads of Windows updates. This means that Windows will automatically search for any applicable updates for your computer and download it right away once it is available. Although Windows developers strongly suggest that this automatic update setting be turned on, there are still many people who would rather turn it off and install Windows updates manually. In most cases, automatic updates that have been downloaded by Windows are installed during shut down. This is one reason why some people do not want the automatic updates because once you shut off the computer, then the updates will install and you would have to wait for the updates to finish before being able to unplug your computer. If updates are installed manually, you can download and install while you are working and your time will be saved.

Aside from saving your time, another advantage that you will get if you choose to install Windows updates manually is that you will be able to access the list of available updates and choose which one you want for your computer. This is usually not available in the automatic setting since it will be the program which will look for applicable updates in your place. Aside from that, in a manual update, you can easily choose to download and install right away without waiting for a scheduled time. There might be updates that you want for your system to have that you can simply download from the Windows update server yourself because in automatic updates, Windows will only choose the ones that your computer really needs. According to Microsoft Update developers, there is no time difference between the number of minutes that it would take to manually download and install updates than that of an automatic setting.

Manual installation of updates is also applicable to those people who do not have a constant internet connection. Automatic updates require internet connection all the time so that the computer can freely access the server and look for downloads at its own convenience and according to schedule. But if there is no internet connection, it will not be able to download those. People can install Windows updates manually whenever they connect to the internet. There are actually different ways to manually install updates in Windows. You can try to access the Windows Updates server and check for items there. And you can also download different Windows update downloads-capable programs such as Windows Update Downloader, Windz Updates and SoftwarePatch. Whatever means of installation you choose, there is no question that updates are really necessary for your computer software.

When the settings in the computer is set to allowing updates to be automatically downloaded and installed in the system as soon as they are available, computer users may really not have an idea on what versions of updates are already present in their software and programs. This is the reason why some people choose to manage the installed updates that are found in their computers. Managing the updates in the system is not really a compulsory process but it More...
When updates are installed in the computer, they usually address specific functions of the software and the programs that are in the system. One essential type of installed updates that are frequently announced to consumers is the service pack. A service pack is the type of update that are installed in them computer in conjunction to the previously installed versions of the programs in the system. In most cases, service packs are additional updates only and are not stand-alone programs. More...
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