Applications for Installed Updates

When people talk about the installed updates in the computer, most users may access these updates through the control panel. The control panel is where the system configurations of the computer can be adjusted and manipulated by the user including the updates that are installed. The automatic update downloader can also be activated in the control panel. Unfortunately, the control panel can only perform a few tasks when it comes to managing your updates.

To solve your dilemma, there are third party applications that can be downloaded that will allow you to control your updates either downloadable or already installed in your computer. A lot of people use these third party applications in their own computers because of their advantages. One advantage is that these applications will be able to keep track of all types of updates from software updates, system updates, to program updates.

Another advantage of these applications is that once an update is already installed in your computer, the program will monitor the source of the update and check every now and then if there are any new updates that can be downloaded and installed for your convenience. Examples of these applications are FileHippo, Synaptic, and Secunia PSI.

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